Who We Are

Center for Cyber Security Training is a professional IT and Cyber Security training organization located in Annapolis, MD. But more than a training company that offers in-depth courses, we are a training resource that gives full freedom to our client. Want a specific instructor? Does your organization have unique requirements? You aren't limited to our in house instructors or content. We will fulfill all your needs to prepare students with skills and knowledge needed for most in-demand IT and Cyber Security fields. 

Subject Matter Expert

There is a major distinction between your average subject matter expert (SME) and the top performing SMEs. While SMEs have specific knowledge that makes them valuable to the organization, it's their real-world experience that allows them to guide our customers in finding and superseding their goals through transparency, involvement and feedback. 

Here to Serve You

Center for Cyber Security Training offers classes for many of today’s most in-demand IT certifications such CompTIA, ISC(2), Microsoft, all the way to Advanced Cyber Security. Our focus is on FULL CUSTOMIZATION from top to bottom, From finding a specific instructor you envision that fits your needs or us recommending an Subject Matter Expert all the way to creation of courses from scratch, we will be able to execute with precision. Center for Cyber Security Training focuses on small class sizes with hands-on computer training, flexible schedules (Days, Weekend or Evenings) and customization pricing that will fit your budget. We've been a help to individuals and training groups from companies and government agencies across the world. Whether you are in the computer field now and looking to increase your knowledge and marketability, or considering a career change to the Computer Technology Industry, Ccenter for Cyber Security Training will be help you every step of the way and be a resource after. Contact us, or request information about training specific to your needs now.