We bring to you a way to see what's happening in the cyber world through our workshops. This brings the leaders in the cyber world to the military to see and feel how people in that world operate. With panels and in workshop participation, we allow people a window into the a new world. 

CYBER Operations Workshop

This is NOT a death by PowerPoint, not a high-level theory type of workshop. This is a live fire, fingers on the keyboard attack/defend/communicate training environment.  A portion of the workshop attendees will be grouped together into small teams and be tasked with gaining access to a highly protected network, finding and stealing critical data, and exfiltrating that data without being detected. Another portion of the workshop attendees will be grouped together into small teams and tasked with monitoring the security products in the environment in an attempt to detect the attacks and remove the attackers from the environment.

Hackers Unification Workshop

Because of our commitment in helping US DOD to counter Cyber Security threats in our country, Center for Cyber Security Training is bringing our hands-on to different military bases in the country.

Center for Cyber Security Training believes that social-engineering is one of the crucial ways to protect against and one of the most prevalent. The workshop is aimed at leveraging advanced technological attacks in social engineering type environment. For people interested in the subject of Exploitation, here is a chance to finally get an introduction to it from a guy that won't put you to sleep. In this presentation, he will walk through the basics of Exploitation starting from the basics of stack overflows, then SEH overwrites, egg hunters, heap spray, and ROP.